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Visitor Management System 

Welcome your guests, visitors, contractors and others while keeping your work place safe.

Intuitive, Customizable, Simple & Visitor Management System

Memorable Guest Experience with a Professional First Impression

Use Your Own Device Solution


Simplify & Digitize 

Efficient Visitor Management
  • Dynamic QR Code Integration
  • Comprehensive Visitor Management System to streamline your check-in process.
  • Customize the information you collect from visitors, including screening questions and compliance document signatures, all from their own devices.
  • Tailor the check-in process to align with your specific business requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for your visitors.
  • Create a personalized and professional encounter right from the start, enhancing the visitor experience.
  • After successful check-in and verification, Koncierz enables you to issue visitor badges with authenticated pictures or real-time photo captures, enhancing security and identification.
  • Leverage Koncierz’s Visitor Management System to improve efficiency, enhance security, and create a welcoming environment for your visitors.

Experience the convenience and customization of Koncierz’s Visitor Management System to simplify your check-in process, strengthen security, and elevate the visitor experience.

Experience the power

Visitor Experience
  • Anytime, Anywhere Sign-in
  • A Contactless and Mobile-Friendly Application
  • Compatible with any device
  • Dynamic QR Code & URL
  • Email and SMS Notifications

     Business Owner Experience

    • Know your guest in advance
    • Compliance document 
    • Enhance sense of security 
    • Seamless Sign-in
    • Analytics
    • Effortless client information capture
    • No hidden costs for online reservations
    • Generic visitor or time based pass available


    Host Experience

    • Unlimited visitors
    • Unlimited hosts notifications (email, SMS)
    • Online Portal – compatible on any device
    • Send watchlist alerts* – Roadmap
    • Analytics

    Visitor Experience

    • Anytime, Anywhere
    • QR or URL
    • Sign and Complete document such as NDA, visit related policy and procedure
    • Contactless, assisted, or self check-in
      Tailored sign-in experience
    • Auto-fill using uverifyID app
    • Customizable visitor confirmation emails
    • ID scanning using uverifyID app – self service

    Admin Experience

    • Create unlimited sign-in flows
    • Consolidated visitor data
    • Cloud-based
    • Historical visitor analytics
    • Site attendance data
    • Questionnaire
    • Video integration
    • Visitor pre-registration
    • Messages, NDA & Policies
    • Customizable email templates
    • Visitor notes
    • Controlled appointments
    • Multiple user roles
    • Events
    • Online Portal

    Compliance and Security

    • Data Privacy
    • Host Data Ownership
    • Evacuation roll-call view
    • Safety Check
    • Notifications and alerts
    • Visual identification
    • Legal document signing
    • Proof of documentation
    • Data retention policy (basic)
    • Driver License ID validation
    • Escorted sign-in
    • Data retention policy (advanced)

    Visitor Badge

    • Customizable visitor badges
    • Reprint badges
    • Connect to any badge printer

    Trusted By People Around Us

    Useful for me to book my restaurant reservation

    Koncierz was easy to use and very useful for me to book my reservation at my favorite restaurant in the town. Within a second, I was enjoying my time.


    Loved this app!

    At first, I was worried about my data but after talking with the Koncierz team I came to know that my actual identity data is never stored, transmitted, or shared. Loved this app!


    Saved my time

    This saved my time for age verification while buying alcoholic drinks.


    Streamline operations and simplify processes freeing up valuable time and resources, and allow yourself  to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional dining experiences

    You can benefit from all our features and functionalities