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Comprehensive Solution for Owners

Streamline operations and simplify processes freeing up valuable time and resources, and allowing restaurants to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional dining experiences



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As you focus on the welfare of your employees and delivering excellent dining experience and service, we’re here to provide comprehensive assistance with all other aspects.

Our mission at Koncierz is clear:

To partner with restaurants and empower owners and operators to maximize profitability by providing an all-in-one suite of essential services.

With a vision to evolve into a singular destination for restaurant owners, Koncierz aims to equip owners and operators with the tools to foster healthier and more prosperous businesses.


Restaurant Website

Expand your reach and delivery the online experience your customers expect.

Reservation & Waitlist

Enhance Guest Experience: Simplify Waitlisting, Reservations, Check-in and Menu Access via Mobile Devices.

Point of Sale & Payment

Everything you need to run your restaurant: Payment Processing, inventory management, table management, and Menu management

Finance, Legal & Marketing

We can help you connect to industry experts to help with your accounting, legal, marketing, digital printing and financial services.

We want you to Grow

Our growth is tied to the success of your business

We believe in mutual benefit and true partnership in progress


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Built for Restaurant Business, Owners and Operators

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Trusted By Businesses & Individuals Around the Country.

Collaboration and transparency will help us build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Let’s write success stories together.

Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

Loyal Customers means Good Business

Good Business requires Good Service

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Improve your process and your user experience 

You can benefit from all our features and functionalities for free, whether you are an individual or a business user.