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Document & eSignature 

Faster, simpler document completion and eSignature capture process 

Intuitive, Customizable, Simple, document and eSignature System

Upload existing or create a new form, digitize completion and capture of eSignature process all using one single form

Use Your Own Device Solution


Contactless - mobile friendly application

Can be used with and without installing app; Device agnostic

Dynamic QR code

Email and SMS notification

Faster document completion rate ;Link multiple documents to a single online form

Share Document, manage, capture eSignature

Upload and digitize your current or build a new form, allow users to complete it electronically all using their own device


Whether you are using forms and having users complete it manually or looking to digitize your current process, now you have an option to digitize your forms and utilize Document and eSignature  functionality to manager, capture data electronically and securely using email, sms or QR.

Koncierz’s solution allows business to capture better data with an option to get only Authenticated data, sent it everywhere it needs to go.

Users can send SMS or Text messages more conveniently. Businesses must open or use their Twilio accounts to manage SMS messaging services.

Many businesses use Twilio or similar services and upcharge the SMS fee. Koncierz does not manage the fee paid to Twilio .

Trusted By People Around Us

Useful for me to book my restaurant reservation

Koncierz was easy to use and very useful for me to book my reservation at my favorite restaurant in the town. Within a second, I was enjoying my time.


Loved this app!

At first, I was worried about my data but after talking with the Koncierz team I came to know that my actual identity data is never stored, transmitted, or shared. Loved this app!


Saved my time

This saved my time for age verification while buying alcoholic drinks.


Streamline operations and simplify processes freeing up valuable time and resources, and allow yourself  to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional dining experiences

You can benefit from all our features and functionalities