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Faster, simpler waiver completion and eSignature capture process 

Digital, Customizable, Simple & Waiver Management System

Electronic Waiver Management: Quick, Paperless, and Secure

Use Your Own Device Solution

Simplify & Digitize

Waiver, Consent, and capture eSignature
  • QR Code Integration 
  • Simplify the waiver completion process for users.
  • Every business has unique requirements and waiver templates. Koncierz Support allows you to create, customize, and upload waiver templates of any type without restrictions.
  • Capture signatures digitally for a seamless and paperless experience.
  • Capture and track the status of waiver throughout the process.
  • Utilize secure and customizable forms to fill out various types of documents.
  • Video presentation 
  • Streamline the completion of multiple forms in a single flow using one form.
  • Obtain user consent easily within the document.
  • Efficiently manage documents by sharing completed copies with the business and the user.
  • Build documents once and reuse them multiple times for convenience and time-saving.
  • Share document links easily via QR codes, SMS, or email for quick access and completion.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Koncier Support Waiver section, where contactless, device flexibility, 24/7 access, eSignatures, and customizable templates converge. Join numerous businesses who have revolutionized their waiver processes with our innovative solution. Get started today and let Koncierz  take your waiver management to the next level

Experience the power

User Experience
  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • A Contactless and Mobile-Friendly Application
  • Compatible with any device, making it truly device-agnostic
  • Dynamic QR Code & URL
  • Multiple documents completion and no repeating or typing the same information multiple times

 Document  Owner Experience

  • Accelerate Document Completions
  • Link Multiple Documents
  • Option to capture data from an authenticated user
  • No hidden costs 
  • QR and URL links as needed for all your marketing channels

Digitalize Your Forms: Upload, Customize, and Enable Electronic Completion on Any Device

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Useful for me to book my restaurant reservation

Koncierz was easy to use and very useful for me to book my reservation at my favorite restaurant in the town. Within a second, I was enjoying my time.


Loved this app!

At first, I was worried about my data but after talking with the Koncierz team I came to know that my actual identity data is never stored, transmitted, or shared. Loved this app!


Saved my time

This saved my time for age verification while buying alcoholic drinks.


Streamline operations and simplify processes freeing up valuable time and resources, and allow yourself  to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional dining experiences

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